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Marc Lamantia

B.S., M.S., D.C., DACNB

Dr. Lamantia is recognized as one of his profession’s foremost experts on non-surgical Scoliosis care. In 2008 Dr. Lamantia Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Neuropsychology Rehabilitation and earned his Diplomate status in Chiropractic Neurology in 2006. Dr. Lamantia is a 1996 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Towson University.  Dr. Lamantia is heavily involved in the field as a founding member of the conservative orthopedic group (SOSORT), the Science Advisor for the non-profit Scoliosis Care Foundation, and as a certified Schroth Method practitioner and Spinecor Bracing specialist.
Dr. Lamantia’s dynamic background led him to be the Co-Founder of Scoliosis Systems LLP, a leading company in non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Scoliosis Systems LLP currently has 18 locations nationally, as well as in Dubai and the Dominican Republic. Scoliosis Systems LLP utilizes chiropractors, physical therapists and functional medicine experts as primary providers of early intervention, comprehensive neuroskeletal diagnoses and indicated long term treatments. In addition to caring for patients, Scoliosis Systems LLP also provides education and practice opportunities.
Dr. Lamantia currently practices in the New York Office and travels to consult in 8 states. He is an Adjunct Faculty member with New York Chiropractic College and Life Chiropractic College West, where he teaches Postgraduate Education in Scoliosis and Neurology.

From 2016-2018 Dr. Lamantia has taught the Neurology portion of for the Craniocervical Junction Diplomate and is the author of a multi-disciplinary seminar series on the Evaluation and Management of Scoliosis for the non-surgical provider. Most recently Dr. Lamantia has collaborated on a line of nutraceuticals designed to target bone health for those with progressive spinal column disease